Pema Gyamtsho and DPT Send Condolence to Trump for Late McCain

DPT Trump

26 August 2018

Donald J Trump
President of USA

Mr. President,

On behalf of Bhutan Peace and Prosperity party, may I lay down words of condolence before Your Excellency. I learnt of the sad demise of Senator John McCain while watching CCTV-1 this morning. In honour of the righteousness of the late senator for which he stood tall worldwide, I have instructed all my candidates (except Dr. Lily) to not include lies, fallacies and fairytales in their campaign today for a period of 1 hour.

To mourn the fallen Senator, Americans will also be pleased to note that the party flag will fly at half mast for 3 days.

My party is full of admiration for Your Excellency. As we enter campaign mode, we realize the full wisdom of your nefarious tactics executed splendidly during your election. Your portrait in a thangkha form hangs in our party HQ, to which we pray every morning.

Media sources mention that Your Excellency will not be invited to the funeral as per the Late Senator’s dying wish. We believe that this piece of information has originated from Russia. Please convey to the McCain family that I had the honor of meeting him in 2008 when he visited Bhutan.

One of our campaign pledge for this election is for Bhutan to emulate the USA. Looking forward to working closely with you administration on this front.

Yours Sincerely,

Pema Gyamtsho
Bhutan Peace and Prosperity Party

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