DPT to Press Charges Against Dasho Sonam Kinga

DPT Sonam KingaMy fellow candidates,

Yes, you guessed it. This is about that stupid Joni Walker Sonam Kinga’s facebook post. Yes, everything he wrote about is true. They happened. That’s exactly why I am writing to you my brave candidates. This is election time, and nobody must speak the truth.

DPT will personally hand over Sonam Kinga to the law. We will hunt him down. North Thimphu, he particularly had a fondness for your constituency. He could be hiding there. Lamgong-Wangcha, don’t forget to check the Guru cave in Taktsang.

Our Yab-je Dangpa the great JYT prophesied that it’d be impossible to build our castles after 2013 when democracy took firm roots. We had to act swiftly, and ruthlessly, everything within 2013. DHI charter amendment, expulsion of Gyalpoi Zimpon from Land Comission board, realignment of REC vision were strokes of brilliance. Simply genius. I get goose bumps even to this day when I think of our bold accomplishments.

Looks like we forgot to take care of a tiny matter, this CBS researcher/monk-actor. Back then, he looked like he was happy to play second fiddle to Ura forever.

Our ground operatives tell me that every policeman in the country is listening to that goon Tsentop Kipchu’s lovey-dovey endorsement of PDP on WeChat. When we handover Sonam Kinga to the police, I wouldn’t be surprised if they hail him a hero.

Rest be assured that at day break tomorrow, by the power of the soaring triple cranes, this party shall press charges against Sonam Kinga. Till then, go out and get me Sonam Kinga. Mobilize our anon army. He dared speak the truth. And nobody must speak the truth. This is election time.


Pema Gyamtsho (Dr.)


Druk Phuensum Tshogpa

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