DPT Boss Pema Gyamtsho Orders Lily to Eat Tshering Tobgay’s Shit

dpt shit

My Dear Candidates of the 46 Constituencies,

This is your leader, your party president Lyonpo Pema Gyamtsho reaching out to encourage and motivate you at this critical juncture of our political career. Poll day for the Primary Round is a mere 12 days away. This is the time for us to be focused, united, and charming. Don’t get distracted by the likes of Sonam Kinga, Kipchu, Namgay Jigs, etc. They are full of sound and fury signifying nothing. Simply nothing. Period.

I want to draw your attention to social media and how you are NOT using it effectively. I hate to point this as an example but look at how internet savvy PDP’s Tshering Tobgay is. That man is all over the place- literally and social medially. Besides Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Sung Joen (beta tester), he’s also on Instagram. Do you all even know what Instagram is? That’s where all the millennials hang out. I hate that man to hell and back, but awww, his IG posts from today melted the heart of his worst enemy. Make sure to keep cute babies handy during my next visit to your demkhongs. Even I want to dip biscuit in tea with a poor boy. But make sure my cup is same as the boy’s. That is where that joker messed up. See how smart I am. BTW no need to make these arrangements if photographers are not around.

Lyonpo Zangley, thank you for immediately removing that Facebook post rebutting Sonam Kinga’s article after I ordered you. What’s the point. The whole country calls us Ngolops. We did debate at length on getting a new King. That YouTube video is the highest clip every viewed by people within Bhutan. On a lighter note, I am so proud of how smart and professional our Kengkhar Weringla Rinzin Jamtsho looks in the video while he passed the mic around. MTW Lyonpo, your Facebook profile still announces you as the Health Minister. Get over it ole’ man. Come on…

Ending here with a strict warning to North Thimphu Dr. Lily. We recruited you based on your social media skills. And you have been absolutely silent online. You eat Tshering Tobgay’s shit (he ate dosa yesterday).


Pema Gyamtsho (Dr.)
Druk Phuensum Tshogpa

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